It's not just about where you look, but what you are looking for. We hope that when you attend one of our worship gatherings you will find a place of welcome and belonging. And, we also hope that you find people who passionately love Jesus and who will love you, as well. This is a place where, in time, you can make friends. We won't put you on the spot or embarass you. Get involved at your own pace--as you feel comfortable.

//We hope everyone can discover God's love for themselves and know God longs to be in an eternal relationship with them through Jesus

//We love kids. Not only do we have wonderful children's ministry and spaces, we love evidence that children are among us. Their joyful "noise" is welcome here.

//Dress comfortably.

//Our guests should not feel obligated to give. We're interested in you, not your wallet.

//We're all growing in our understanding so don't worry if you don't know everything--we don't either. But we're learning the ways of Jesus and invite you to join us on that path of growing in God.

//There are classes for children, youth and adults on Sundays and Wednesdays (seasonally). We encourage you to find a group with which you can connect.

So what's up with the "O's" on this site. We wanted to remind people that everytime you see a circle or an "O" it is one of the earliest symbols of God's forever nature. We are surrounded by the Presence Who was, and is and is to cOme!