It's not just about where you look, but what you are looking for. We hope that when you attend one of our worship gatherings you will find a place of welcome and belonging. And, we also hope that you find people who passionately love Jesus and who will love you, as well. This is a place where, in time, you can make friends. We won't put you on the spot or embarrass you. Get involved at your own pace--as you feel comfortable.

//We hope everyone can discover God's love for themselves and know God longs to be in an eternal relationship with them through Jesus

//We love kids. Not only do we have wonderful children's ministry and spaces, we love evidence that children are among us. Their joyful "noise" is welcome here.

//Dress comfortably.

//Our guests should not feel obligated to give. We're interested in you, not your wallet.

//We're all growing in our understanding so don't worry if you don't know everything--we don't either. But we're learning the ways of Jesus and invite you to join us on that path of growing in God.

//There are classes for children, youth and adults on Sundays and Wednesdays (seasonally). We encourage you to find a group with which you can connect.

So what's up with the "O's" on this site. We wanted to remind people that every time you see a circle or an "O" it is one of the earliest symbols of God's forever nature. We are surrounded by the Presence Who was, and is and is to cOme!


Did you know?   ...you have never been unloved by God.

This close up of Michaelangelo's painting shows the hand of God reaching toward the hand of Adam.  An inch away or miles apart?  That gap in the middle doesn't have to be huge. Worship is one way to close the gap. We love to worship! It is our way of connecting with God and sharing in his incredible love. Every person is of worth and value in God's eyes. Come experience God in ways that his joy lifts you. Be yourself and know that is the best place to start.
Worship is about loving, receiving, giving and joining in the celebration of a new life Jesus offers to those who dare to follow him.  Presently we have five worship gatherings each weekend.

Celebration Center  1701 West 32nd Street  | Saturdays 5:30pm | Sundays 8:35 am, 9:45am, 11:00am.

We will always have worship regardless of weather conditions. Please use your best judgment in inclement weather.

Our services are broadcast (one week delay) on 1490 KDRO each Sunday at 10:30 am.  You can find our weekly services archived here. Each week we post a live broadcast of our Saturday night service and Sunday 8:35am and 9:45am services on our website and Facebook page.