the Mission

Okay, so an image of a chicken probably isn't what you expected to see on a mission statement page.  But just as haunting as the question, "Why did the chicken cross the road?" is the question: "Why do we exist?" We have a WHY.  It is our mission. We don't want to play chicken with people's lives so, though we have tons of fun living out the faith, we're very serious about people finding faith. And, just for the record, the little fowl to the side is a rooster... and may be the reason for the chicken crossing the road... hmmm?!

Leading People to An Active Faith in Jesus Christ

Faith-prayer is the foundation of all we do.
      Friendship-sensitivity to those who are seeking.
  Fellowship-transforming lives in small groups.
             Followership-connecting people to their gifts.
       Fruit-doing our very best for God.

a place to start

This great little video helps us learn the story of God and the story of us.  It offers great truth for those who are looking for a starting place in their faith.